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Polymer Parts Design
Customer Service

Polymer Parts Design

Customer Service

Stones and copper as bearing material have been known for 5500 years. 200 years ago the first plastic was developed and technical plastics are produced in larger quantities only for 90 years.

The experience and knowledge of these "young" material, which also reacts to its environment and contact partner is not as pronounced as for example with metals.

Since decades we learn to understand this material and carry the accumulated knowledge from the fields of plastics, Tribology and mechanical engineering together, so that a successful use of engineering plastics is possible.

We will advise you in all material questions about engineering and high performance plastics. For problems with plastic components, we support you from problem analysis to problem-solving and delivery of products.

Our customer care includes the following services:

Assistance to evaluate the problems
Phone support
Analysis through questionnaires
 Personal helpdesk on site
Training courses and conferences
 Calculation software for customers

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Damage analysis
Mechanical, thermal
Micro- and macroscopic

Material consulting
Technical plastics
High performance plastics

Part consulting
Plain bearings, hydrodynamic as well
Spindle nuts
Track rollers
Various sliding and wear elements